Art is a spiritual experience expressed.

This is the essence of all of my painting; everything I do is intended to demonstrate this concept. We speak of an artist’s inspiration; well inspiration comes from the Latin “inspititus” which means “in the spirit”. I am trying to communicate a spiritual experience through painting. Art is not a “thing”, rather it is an experience that is expressed, that is “pushed out” in the physical as painting, sculpture, poetry, film, music, etc, so painting is not “Art” it is an expression of “Art”.

My painting, the landscapes in particular, are my attempt to communicate to the viewer my perception of the world around me, which I see as an expression of Divinity. Landscape, not as creation of God, rather as manifestation of God, I paint the face of the eternal. What I wish my painting to do is assist the viewer is expanding their own conception of the spiritual to include truths that at first seem impossible. As an artist I use everyday images to ask the question “What is Reality”. I put forth the conception that what we see is the facade of Reality, that Truth is an internal experience outwardly expressed.

When someone sees my paintings I would like them to take these concepts and try to apply them to their own experience, so that when they see a beautiful landscape themselves maybe they too will see the face of God.